Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Coolidge Effect

Apologies because its been awhile. A recent trip to Vietnam has resulted in a hiatus. Hiatuses are lame. So I thought now might be a good time to discuss something I learned about recently -- called the "Coolidge Effect."

When female rats are in estrous (in a lab) then
the experimenter can keep giving her new partners, one after the other, and
she will not tire from copulating with each. It is the male who tires,
and so must be removed and followed by a new male if the copulation is
to continue. On the other hand, when the male copulates till exhaustion
with a female, removing her and providing an new partner keeps restoring
his interest.

This effect (on the male) has gotten the name of the Coolidge Effect
from a joke about US President Calvin Coolidge. He and his wife are
visiting a chicken farm and are being shown around separately by their
hosts. Upon seeing a rooster, Mrs. Coolidge asks: "How often does the
rooster mate?" The reply is "Nine or ten times a day, Ma'am." So Mrs.
Coolidge asks: "Would you mind going to tell that to the President?"

When the President is given the message from Mrs. Coolidge he asks:
"And with whom does the rooster mate 9-10 times a day?" "With a
different hen each time, Mr. President." "Would you mind going to tell
that to Mrs. Coolidge?"

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