Wednesday, February 01, 2006

US Will Protect Israel from Iran

There was a whole lot of hot air on this blogg last year about how protecting Israel had nothing to do with the invasion of Iraq and that saying so was "anti-semetic." Needless to say the evidence was, and is, quite strong that Israel's security interests were a contributing factor to the decision to oust Sadam. As if there were any doubt about why the US is so anxious to prevent Iran from getting the bomb, the president lays it out in plain English in this article.

We are giving them $2.3 billion in military aid this year, wouldn't that allow them to defend themselves?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for pointing that out

Wednesday, February 01, 2006 5:31:00 PM  
Blogger Bspot said...

Anti-Semitic is only spelled with only one "e".

As for defending Israel against Iran and Iraq, remind me again why that is a bad thing? You say it as if it were supposed to have been some dirty little secret.

No one has claimed that the spread of democracy was Bush's dirty secret reason for invading Iraq. Bush and the neocons claim it was a reason, but not a secret one: it was a positive motive that Bush loudly proclaimed as motive.

Even if democracy had been advanced by the invasion, which it wasn't, it would not have justified the invasion.

Would you say, "Aha! The White House may try to cover up this dirty secret, but I've found evidence that Bush's Iraq-invasion motive was actually to spread democracy!" ?!

What a scoop.

I realize Demotiki's point was simply to refute claims made last year that protecting Israel was not a motive. To me it seems that those claims are true -- protecting Israel was not a motive -- and that Demotiki's disagreement gives Bush way, way too much credit. It would have been a positive motive, albeit stupid and unjustified. Bush's real motives were not positive; they were evil, related to obscenely rich people's further enrichment.

Presumably Demotiki doesn't fall for Bush's lies about being motivated by hope to eliminate WMD, spread democracy or liberate Iraqis. In fact, there is probably very little claimed by Bush that Demotiki believes is true.

Yet suddenly, when Bush claims to be motivated by the goal of protecting Israel .... Demotiki believes it? Why?

Sunday, February 05, 2006 3:01:00 AM  

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