Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Earmarking - Get out the Q-Tips

Republicans like to talk small government while they spend big, bigger than the Dems under Clinton ever did. Bush and his congress have been squandering $$$ at Lyndon Johnson levels - but for guns and favors, not guns and butter. His latest $2.77 trillion fantasy is no exception.

On the legislative side, Cunningham's "rate card" for bribes, Rove's $1 million pimping of the President, and Alaska's $223 million bridge to nowhere are the latest examples of a giveaway Congress out of control. Since 1998, both the number of earmarks and the number D.C. lobbying firms have tripled.

Arianna's article reviews how sane Democrats and sane Republicans (at least on this issue) are working together to try and stop the practice of earmarks without resorting to the draconian line-item veto.

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