Thursday, January 12, 2006

Rice States that Iran's Opposition to Israel Means They Can't Have the Bomb

Rice's comments beg the question, is she worried about American national security or Israeli national security.

If one backs off a bit and looks at this situation rationally, Iran's point that "if Europe felt bad for the holocausts, they should have carved the state of Israel out of Germany or the United States,” is completely valid. So too is the Iranian government’s position that there is no legal “right” for Israel to exist. As we all know, the only reason Israel exists is that the United States has spent hundreds of billions of dollars in direct aid, and several times that amount in incidental aid, to allow Israel to continue to exist.

As for the bomb, why shouldn’t Iran have the bomb if America was fine with Israel getting it? Objectively, why should any country NOT be able to have the bomb – particularly when the current American administration has richly rewarded proliferators like Israel and Pakistan? The rationality of the Iranian position is also born out by the fact that the US and Israel are loath to attack known nuclear powers, but are more than happy to attack non-nuclear powers whenever it suits them. Israel’s unilateral attack on Iraq in the 1980s, spurred Sadam to increase his efforts to acquire nuclear weapons and showed other countries in the region the danger of not having a nuclear deterrent when war-like neighbors possess them. How could one argue that Sadam was wrong to follow this path, his country was attacked by Israel without provocation and received no compensation for the damage caused by the attack (a nuclear plant was destroyed)? I am not supporting Sadam, just saying that if nuclear weapons avoid unilateral attacks like the one above, why should any country be denied them?

Of course, the Zionist neocons who now run our country’s foreign policy have adopted Israel-style “preemptive” war, as well as a number of other wonderful tactics such as assassinations, kidnappings, domestic spying, and of course, torture. What advantage has supporting Israel ever given the United States? None. It’s just that simple. Supporting Israel has made the United States numerous enemies and has destabilized a region of the utmost importance to our national security. As for the “Israel is a strong ally in the region” argument, give me a break. What’s wrong with having friends who give us stuff instead of always having a hand out? Objectively, what value has our “friendship” with Israel ever offered the United States? Give me a single example of how Israel is anything other than a massive thorn in the side of American foreign policy. Time to make friends who can carry their own weight.

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