Thursday, December 01, 2005

t r u t h o u t - Norman Solomon | Colin Powell: Still Craven after All These Years

Abso-goddam-lutely fucking right on the money, honey.

I, too, sincerely doubt that Wilkerson or really anyone other than Vidal, Chomsky, McDermott, Kucinich, Dean, et al, would be clamoring now if not for the failure, after the (for lack of a better word) "fact."

What MSM and the two parties are colluding on is that a bunch of Americans (more every day) are starting to realize that they no longer live in a republic -- and perhaps never did, at least in their lifetimes.

One problem with moralistic propaganda -- once you go down that road, you risk being "outed" and reaping the rage of the deluded but bascially well-meaning. If you play the propaganda as hard as the Bush-leaguers, then you paint yourself into a corner, as they are doing. You must keep repeating, keep lying, keep raising the stakes.

It don't lead nowhere good. Hopefully, since the tides have seemingly turned, popular opinion -- via polls -- will induce politicians to follow the popular lead.

This is how the people make change in a semi-constitutional empire: repeated poll-based plebiscites. Without the attention-grabbing move by Sheehan (echoing the 9/11 mothers) in confluence with the still-deteriorating situation in Iraq and the unhideable disaster of Katrina, we'd still be in 2003/4-land on Iraq.

Oh, well -- no time for purity: if the war ends because BushCo put out a 38-page PR cover doc so it can declare victory and retreat after 12/15, or before 11/06, great. Like I care; just end this disaster ASAP.

What concerns me is that Bush actually means it when he says we won't leave on his watch...but he leaves the all-important out in ("...until the mission [which was what, again?] is complete...").

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