Monday, December 19, 2005

President Bush's Oval Office Speech on Iraq (12/18/2005)

Watch this crap.

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Blogger Doug said...

A steaming pile of horseshit that actually morally offended me -- and that's hard to do, given my low expectations for humanity, and for this particular human especially.

However, it is interesting how conciliatory Bush was (comparatively speaking, and on a surface level).

That's a sign that the growing protest is working -- Bush's speechwriters had to throw up something that would at least validate, in a typical escape-valve manner, the dissent that cannot be controlled.

It is particularly disgusting to note that to Bush the "consequences" of his decisions were reported to be total support from bed-ridden amputees and parents of killed soldiers begging him to "finish the job."

Yep, that's a man who can face consequences. But there are no bad consequences, not really, in Bush's snow-filled, Disney-theme-park, faux-Christmas rhetoric that finishes this speech.

And thus none for us -- except dissent that he deems irresponsible or defeatist or partisan. That helps the terrorists.

It is also particularly disingenuous to say that those who question (supposedly legitimately -- " important question...") whether we're doing more harm than good in Iraq base that solely on the notion that (near quote) "if we leave terrorists alone, they won't harm us." I don't know anyone who actually thinks this is the case. And of course it is a straw man that derives from rightwing radio -- I've been hearing it among RIers for years.

There will always be enough angry, fearful people to support any strongman. As Susan Sontag said, the lesson of the Holocaust is what might be called the 10-80-10 Rule: ten percent of people will do bad no matter what; ten percent good. The other eighty percent are easily swayed. Time to sway those who have good intentions (or at least have to believe they do) that none of those intentions are being served in Iraq.

I'd like to see the spread of constitutional democracy here; that'd be something to celebrate after two stolen elections and another attempted dismantling of the Constitution by yet another criminal Republican regime (you can throw Truman-Kennedy-Johnson's foreign policy, for the most part, in there, too, just to be bipartisan, and you'd be fairly accurate).

Monday, December 19, 2005 2:05:00 PM  

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