Sunday, December 11, 2005

Herr Lieberman Secretary of Defense?

I finally watched the "lets-hide-the-truth-from-America" speech we have all heard about. He polished his neocon credentials by praising Churchill at least a half dozen times. As many of us know, the neocons love Churchill and have used his military theories has a basis for the invasion and control of Iraq. In particular, the reliance on air over ground superiority. Unfortunately, Churchill’s theories are out of date.

Lieberman was confident that with a bipartisan effort, we can win in Iraq and install a government that will forward our strategic interests in the region. He said that Israel and our other allies in the region are counting on us. He didn’t mention that with the exception of Israel, every country in the region wants us out ASAP. He also talked about how Al Qaeda was responsible for most of the violence, not the insurgents. He buys into the Republican line that attacks are linked to our progress and that more attacks just mean more progress.

The Sunday talk shows were buzzing with rumors that Lieberman might be the new Secretary of Defense. Everything I have seen in the last week indicates that this is at least a strong possibility. For the president it makes a great deal political sense. Clinton benefited greatly from having the Republican Cohen as his DOD chief. However, Lieberman doesn’t seem to understand that taking the job would end his political career. It would also allow the Dems to pick up another seat in the Senate (Lieberman is a Democrat in name only).

What do you all think? Should we be happy if Lieberman gets to head DoD? Could he do any worse than Rumsfeld? I doubt it.

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Blogger Doug said...

NewsMax as a source? For anthropological interest, I assume? I imagine that's where you got the "Herr" from.

I think this issue is dead, but who knows. I could care less about what L. does...get him out of the senate and let a Democrat take the seat back (or a sane Independent like Weicker).

Friday, December 16, 2005 4:35:00 PM  

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