Friday, November 04, 2005

Syria: Double Standard In Action

Not to mention that the US itself has tried to assassinate, and has assassinated, foreign leaders.

An old tenet of law enforcement is that you know crimes are being committed, but you go after those crimes deemed worthy of your attention. (Got cops in the family, Allen.)

So, every so often, the cops'll sweep through Central Park and pick up potsmokers. But they're not there every day doing that. Other days, they'll walk right by.

So, what is causing the microfocus on Syria, I wonder? Let's assume they planned this assassination. So? Yes, yes, we all know that's "bad." Again, how is this a problem for the world, given other major problems? Why is it OK for Israel to carry out extrajudicial assassinations at will, but not Syria?

And so on.

Bush's polls are falling, but I actually think that's only catalyzing a move into Syria (uh, make that, an official move -- we've been there for a while) which has been on the drawing board for a while.

A safer bet than Iran or North Korea. Syria doesn't have nuclear weapons, you see, but we must expand the war in order to "finish the job" (which was what, again?) in Iraq, and we can't let "them" kill our soldiers, now, can we?

I await whether the American public can be led by this last-refuge-of-the-scoundrel tactic once again. Probably. Always worked in the past.

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