Friday, November 04, 2005

Recommended Free Podcasts

For what it's worth, I listen to the following, which you can find on iTunes, and I'm sure on any other program, too:

>Behind the News with Doug Henwood; 1 hour, daily; WBAI, NYC is the producer

>Democracy Now! Video; 1 hour, daily; phenomenally good

>Free Speech Radio News; 1/2 hour, daily; international focus

>Nature; 20 minutes, weekly; science update from Cambridge University from one of the two leading peer-reviewed science journals

>RadioNation; 1 hour, weekly; The Nation's radio show, political focus

>truthout Video; 3-5 minutes, periodic; behind-the-scenes vignettes

>The Progressive Radio Show; 1/2 hour, weekly; politics, culture, etc. -- hit-or-miss

I also listen to "Media Minutes" -- 5 minutes every Friday, about which I've posted already -- but I can't figure out how to get it as a podcast.

Anyone recommend anything else?

Screw MSM; it's important only for politico-anthropological reasons. I'd love to see every house wired with broadband...yes, you can get Hannity commercial-free, too, so perhaps we'd only reproduce or exacerbate the divide, but I think if people had proper information, they'd change their minds -- at least some of them.

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