Thursday, November 03, 2005

Quite Interesting Analysis of Urban Politics... Juan Gonzales. RealPlayer file; alternates here.

This is an echo of the disconnect between Deaniacs and people of color.

We've got to fix that. This blog is lily white (as far as I know). Let's fix that.

Very interesting; NOLA's "reconstruction" is only the most obvious version of what Gonzales is describing here. His forthcoming book, Where Have All the Fighters Gone, sounds as though it will be worth reading. He also recently published a book on the environmental aftereffects of 9/11 in New York City called Fallout, which you can pick up here.

This clip, and the new book, is a definite airing of the progressives' dirty little secret. I applaud it. A very challenging analysis of the intersection of class, race, and ethnicity in the New York City mayoral election; along with the usual MSM silence on the real issues.

Why the disconnect in one of the supposedly most progressive cities in the nation? I think we all know the answer(s).

Worth a good, long discussion, I think. At minimum, let's encourage people of color to get on this blog. (For all I know, some of our newbies are people of color; but I would like to get some more, or "some," depending.) I have a few friends in mind...

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