Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Wilma Bears Down...Some Good Info Sites

Here are some good sources of information:


Login on the upper right with my user info:

password: lexilexi

Check out the stuff under...
Tropical Storm Advisories
North Atlantic Storm Advisories
Hurricane Wilma ...
Tracking Map | 5 Day Forecast Map | Historical Map | Public Advisory | Marine Advisory | Discussion | Satellite Map | Strike Probability | Strike Probability Map | Wind Map | Cumulative Wind Map | Coordinates | Computer Models | Storm History / Verification
...which you'll see in the middle of the screen, or which you can obviously click to from here.

This is Dr. Jeff Masters' weather blog. I followed his blog entries during Katrina and Rita -- he's a true professional and explains everything. Any intelligent layperson, which you are, will get the straight dope here. Here's info on his qualifications:

This is a Java-run loop. Play with the clickboxes above the map, and with the slide switch on the bottom to customize. I usually click on LatLon, Sever Watch/Warn, MSLP (lines of atmospheric pressure), Radar, and Trop Fcst Pts.

This is where you'll find the most recent advisories, unedited, and unfiltered through mainstream media, as well as a ton of other info. This link goes to "Maps/Charts": "Warnings and 3-Day Cone," which is a visualization of the path probabilities. Advisories are on the top menu ("Public Adv"). I'd also check out "Discussion". Check out the 10 thumbnail pictures on the top; click to see them. Self-explanatory, but the "Strike Prob" thumbnail is a good one to look at, especially to get a sense of how probabilistic these forecasts are, based on time "out" from the moment of forecasting.

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