Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Why I Hate PR

From the 11/05 Harper's, page 16, "Fireside Cheat":

From a May 17 email sent by Leah Maloy, public-realtions officer for Women Impacting Public Policy, to its New York-based members. WIPP is a national organization that advocates on behalf of women in business. The email was obtained by the Los Angeles Times.

President Bush will be in Rochester, New York, for an upcoming event and has called on us for help. He would like to visit with local workers about their views on Social Security. The following is some information on whom he would like to visit with:

1) Young worker: In their twenties, knows that SS could run out before they [sic] retire, likes the idea of having larger role in their retirement money and investing their [sic] own savings.

2) Young couple/family: Parents with children, like the idea of leaving something behind to the family in case anything happens to them, investing in future for security.

3) Single parent: Obviously does not get spousal benefits under SS, so a personal retirement account would provide more options and security, also more control over retirement money while supporting a family.

4) Small-business owner: Pays double into Social Security; we usually like to find small-business owners with a relevant industry to the community.

5) College senior, graduating: About to enter the workforce, business/accounting/finance majors are typically the best candidates, as they already understand the investment concepts.

Everyone needs to be essentially under the age of twenty-nine.

Please let me know immediately if you are interested, as we will need to get names to the Whtie House.

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