Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Soldiers in Fallujah...I Mean, West Palm Beach

I got this from my aunt, 60, who was with my grandmother, 89, at the time.

Basically, she and my grandmother (her mom) were driving in WPB, looking for ice and bottled water. She made a turn in her SUV and was stopped by two soldiers (rank unknown; possibly (likely) National Guardsmen), one of whom had his weapon pointed directly at my aunt. Both were reportedly screaming at her to turn around and leave. My grandmother was scared, protesting loudly that they had done nothing wrong. My aunt was also quite scared, and kept asking, "Why are you pointing your gun at us?"

To which the soldier responded, "Get the hell out of here -- NOW!"

My aunt complied, and then called the police and made a formal report. She will also be reporting it to her US Congressperson and to the Florida Civil Liberties Union.

Nice, huh? Is it too much of a stretch to infer that Iraq is coming home? Obviously, one can't make that statement based on this one event, but I wonder, as does my aunt, what would have happened if she hadn't been white and obviously well-off.

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Blogger Zeppellina said...

Wow...scarey...did you find out what it was about?

Friday, October 28, 2005 2:03:00 PM  

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