Thursday, October 20, 2005

Now, THIS is Quite Interesting

Sure, Bush has said this before, but I think with polls in free-fall and Iraq a mess, he (or whoever does the actual thinking over there) now realizes that unless the US is balanced on I/P, we will never gain the trust or respect of the Arab and Muslim worlds.

Of course, this is talk, but it's a big deal to say it so publicly and loudly and at this particular moment, when Gaza is deteriorating.

This is probably along the lines of Nixon-goes-to-China, without any of the geopolitical foresight (ie, mostly a political move, I imagine, but I could be wrong), but if it's actually backed up with on-the-ground action, it could be a major breakthrough, and I for one would be very happy for such a thing, regardless of the administration from which it emanates.

Now, the very interesting thing will be how the Democrats react. Will they try to flank Bush on the right and condemn him for supporting Palestine? Possibly. Or will they use Bush's statement to break the taboo, which is way overdue for breaking? AIPAC is pretty much totally discredited...I'm looking for Tikkun or somesuch org to fill the void. And Tikkun is far more rational about I/P.

I imagine it'll break both ways. Look for Hillary to flank right -- just a guess. Look for others to agree and go further, explaining how a two-state solution increases, ultimately, Israel's security, and prevents the slide into authoritarianism and apartheid that has been going on for 30 years, and tie that to our own slide rightward. Look for someone (i.e., pray for someone) in the party to make that statement. My guess is that Dean will be the first to make it. Totally random guess, of course.

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