Thursday, October 13, 2005

The Assassin's Gate: America in Iraq

I've been reading this book for the past couple of days and its fascinating chronicle of the (mis)management of Iraq Debacle. Packer spent a great deal of time on the ground in the country and spoke to many Iraqis, American soldiers, and policymakers.

Please pick it up if you can, I highly recommend it.

Also: Please take some time to look at some of the new links in the "Greetings From Iraq" section in the nav. Many Iraqis are posting frank reports about the deteriorating situation in their country, that are just not making it past the MSM fantasy firewall.

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Blogger Demotiki said...


I was just listening to Packer on the Al Franken Show. He seemed to be saying that the terrible outcome we have seen in Iraq didn't have to happen, but rather is just another example of Republican incompetance.

Thursday, October 13, 2005 2:08:00 PM  
Blogger Doug said...


I am offended by your insinuation that MSM doesn't offer the unvarnished truth to Americans.

If y'all want to really understand our country, check out Vidal's Chronicles of Empire, which I mentioned before. By the way, the "American Chronicle" tagline is the publishers' notion, not Vidal's.

Here they are, not in the order in which they were written, but in chronological order of period covered: Burr (1775-1840), Lincoln (1861-1865), 1876 (1875-1877), Empire (1898-1906), Hollywood (1917-1923), Washington, D.C. (1937-1952) and The Golden Age (1939-2000).

I read all of these -- it's an amazingly fast read without being dumbed down at all. I can only compare it to Graves. Donna's starting 'em now.

"The people" are nowhere to be found in these pages -- on purpose. Vidal's concerned with the ruling class. That in itself is a major critique of our supposedly "republican" system.

Friday, October 14, 2005 11:20:00 AM  

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