Sunday, October 16, 2005

60 Minutes with Lewis Freeh

Lewis Freeh joined Mike Wallace on 60 minutes to slander President Clinton. Never mind that Mr. Wallace's son is a major player in Fox News, he should have known better. Freeh has been criticized by Richard Clarke and others for failing to pursue the Kobar Towers case to a successful conclusion. It should come as no surprise that Freeh would try to CYA by pushing the blame off on Clinton. However, his claims that President Clinton refused to press the Saudis for access to the bombing suspects in exchange for a contribution to his presidential library is beyond the pale. Among other objections to this ridiculous Republican slander, one might ask, why can NOBODY at the meeting confirm what Freeh has claimed? At the very least, 60 Minutes should have sought confirmation of this allegation from at least one other source. They didn’t, because that’s not the way T.V. “journalism” is done these days. Our media sucks.

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