Monday, September 12, 2005

More Echoes of 9/11: NO Is Simply Not Habitable Now

Yes, I realize this undercuts the ignorant suppositions of those DemocracyNow! portrays as staying put courageously. DN! gets it wrong, too, sometimes.

The echo I mean, lest anyone has forgotten, is that the EPA lied about NYC's air quality post-9/11. They look set to do it again.

To cut down on the number of separate posts, here are some more stories:

1. Moyers on Fundamentalism -- Islamic and Christian

2. Ivins on the Race Card

3. "Compassionate Conservatism" in Action

4. Karpinski Finally Gives It to the Bush Admin on Abu Ghraib

5. Why Government Matters, Despite the Reagan-Bush Ideologues

6. Time for Bush to Go -- Baltimore Sun Op-Ed by Gordon Adams, director of security policy studies at the Elliott School of International Affairs at George Washington University, was senior White House budget official for national security in the Clinton administration. I'm waiting for (and will work hard for) a Democratic House (at least; Senate would be nice, too) in 2006 with subpoena power.

7. Normon Solomon on Perpetual War -- Four Years On

8. Pitt-Rivers on 9/11

9. Joe Conason: "Bush and his administration are no longer fit to wield power." As if they ever were, but, yeah: exactly.

10. I'd say this is definitely playing the race card.

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