Friday, August 26, 2005

Quotes of the Day

"In light of this new information [not known before the invasion of Iraq, i.e., the Downing Street Memos], Cindy and many other families have questions and would like the courtesy of truthful answers, yet we are told we must kill to honor those who have died. We see this in Crawford today as the beginning of the end of the occupation of Iraq, and we support Cindy and her bravery in her efforts to bring attention to this situation. We want our families home." -- Theresa Dawson, Ohio, Son Serving in National Guard stationed in Iraq

"What Cindy did here was open this up to dialog to everyone in the country, and she gave permission for people to come out and speak their minds. My question to the president is: Please tell me what the noble cause that my son died for [sic; she was quite distraught]. Please tell me that you will never, ever again say that we must honor the troops by continuing the mission. You do not honor my son by having one more child taken from their family. Please, President Bush, honor my child with the truth. Thank you." -- Karen Merideth, Mountain View, California, Mother of Soldier Killed in Iraq (Lt. Ken Ballard).

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