Sunday, August 07, 2005

Fitzgerald's boss to be replaced by Skull & Bones Neocon

UPI reports that Deputy Attorney General James Comey will move to Lockheed Martin and be replaced by Bush's Yale classmate and close friend Robert McCallum. Comey has given Fitzgerald complete freedom to look into the Plame Affair and has overseen the investigation since Attorney General Albert Gonzales was recused from the case. If he wants to, McCallum will be able to prevent Fitzgerald from advancing his investigation.

This is a very clever alternative to the Saturday Night Massacre when Nixon fired Archibald Cox and abolished the office of the special prosecutor. Comey was bribed with a high paying job from a defense contractor and Bush can claim that he is simply filling a void left by a departing official. The effect may be the same, but the administration will have to deal with Fitzgerald's account of affairs. If he wants to be difficult, he can be very difficult.

Clearly the administration fears Fitzgerald. Republicans in Congress announced a renewed probe into Fitzgerald some weeks ago and now his boss has been replaced with a neocon loyalist. It will be interesting to see what the press makes of this. . . or if they even bother to report it.

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