Thursday, July 28, 2005

Tell The Senate Not To Abolish The Estate Tax

Hope I'm not too late in posting this...

Your voices helped to stop the MTBE corporate welfare giveaway in the energy bill. Now there is one more fight we are supposed to win this week.

The last chance to stop another gigantic budget buster, an unwise and unmerited repeal of the estate tax, is a vote in the Senate, which may take place as soon as today. As if the red ink were not already running down the steps of the capitol, again they want to give a totally free ride only to the most wealthy individuals in our society so they never have to give anything back ever. Charitable organizations are petrified it will have the additional side effect of drying up donations just so Paris Hilton and the Walmart scions can walk away with a couple extra billion each. Please tell your senators they must prevent this by any means necessary.

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