Saturday, July 23, 2005

Apparent Terror Attack in Egypt

Worst in its history, according to NPR. The site of the attack, interestingly, has been known as a place of peace (again, according to NPR, which I just heard on the radio) -- recently, an Israeli-Palestianian joint delegation had met there to discuss peace initiatives.

From a pure strategic point of view, if this is really a centralized campaign (doubtful), it's quite stupid, as its main targets are Muslims, and it is so indiscriminate that it can only appeal to those who already think like al-Qaida (which should be taken to be "al-Qaida" -- all groups of that ilk).

Unfortunately, it will unite plenty of repressive governments with their peoples to crack down, rightly, on those who are far worse then themsevles -- but lost in that effort will be a search for the deeper causes, let alone a fixing of same, of these acts. Which, to my mind, will only perpetuate them.

You can't beat asymmetric warfare through interdiction without giving up on free and open societies -- so to protect the latter, you have to remove, or at least try to remove, the deeper causes while continuing with the obviously necessary interdiction in the short term. I see precious little long-term strategy here; don't even have to mention the disaster in Iraq, which is at least partially fueling these attacks.

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