Monday, May 02, 2005

A Worthwhile Idea From The Man Who Should Be President

I've already signed; use the e-mail feature of this blog (the little envelope icon at the bottom of this and every post) to forward this petition to everyone you know.

Already, they have more than half a million signers; they want to break 1,000,000.

Try not to think about how different things would be -- in not all, but in many substantive ways -- if this man was President now.

I wonder how those court cases in Ohio are going?

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Blogger Doug said...

Here's the text of the e-mail from the Kerry people. It looks as though they, too, have taken Lakovian framing to heart: "values" talk is all over this e-mail. It's probably the right way to go to combat the false view that "liberals" are value-less moral relativists, my esoteric qualms with Lakoff notwithstanding.

"Dear Doug,

Thanks to you, our Kids First health care bill has more than half a million citizen co-sponsors. By signing our Kids First petition, you have given voice to our values. And this week, America will hear your call for health care loud and clear as I travel the country in support of Kids First.

Today I'm heading out on a week long tour to shine a national spotlight on the health care crisis facing the children of this country and build support for our Kids First Act.

As you know, 11 million children are living without health care and the number is growing.

Yet, while I was preparing for my trip, the House of Representatives led by Tom DeLay, voted to slash funding for health care for children from low income families. I'm not going to stand for this - and I know you won't either.

It's another example of how Washington Republicans are completely disconnected with the values that are important to the American people. Together we must hold them accountable and let them know that cutting kids' health care is just plain wrong.

As I travel from Seattle, to St. Paul, Baton Rouge and Miami, I will be holding town hall meetings and talking with doctors, parents, children, nurses and other health care providers - as well as members of Congress - to highlight what lack of health insurance means in a child's life.

It means little or no preventive health care, more illnesses, untreated conditions, undiagnosed learning disorders, less time in school with diminished ability to succeed, lower earnings as adults and heavier lifelong dependence upon social services.

Through our Kids First Campaign and with the support of the grassroots community, we have made real progress already:

We successfully recruited over a half a million virtual co-sponsors of the Kids First Act.
We used our "Give Voice to Our Values" hotline to gather personal stories from thousands of people across the nation.
We published an online map so that people could click and listen to stories from their own state.
We've gathered the support of a wide array of endorsing organizations including leading health care professionals, teachers, unions, citizen groups and more, and every week new organizations are joining us.
Now, we take it to the next level.

First, we'll barnstorm the country to demand help for kids living without insurance.

I will be posting daily updates on my meetings and the progress I am making at:

I urge you to get the latest on this critical initiative here.

But there is something else you can do.

I'm writing today to ask you to help us reach one million citizen co-sponsors for this essential legislation by the end of May.

You can help do this by forwarding the Kids First Petition to your family, friends, and neighbors. Ask them to visit and sign it as soon as possible.

Together, we'll put the pressure on the Republican leaders to act - or to admit that they just don't care enough to act.

None of the work we do together in the days and weeks ahead will be more important than the challenge we face - the challenge of helping 11 million children get the health care they need - the health care they deserve.

Thank you for continuing to stay involved and for helping to build public support for this most critical campaign.


John Kerry

P. S. Not that you need any more proof that the Washington Republicans only care about protecting their own interests, but just last week, Tom DeLay pushed through his own self-serving agenda, while cutting Medicaid benefits by $10 billion.

Yet, another prime example of why Americans need to know what is going on in Washington and why together, we must raise awareness about the impact these misguided acts are going to have on our children."

Monday, May 02, 2005 2:18:00 PM  

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