Sunday, March 06, 2005

Dean's focus on State Parties is correct

The biggest lesson of 2004 was that state party officials have great power. Especially if they are ruthless liars and cheats. Dean has promised to send more DNC cash to poorly funded state races. This is very wise. The state level is trending Democratic nationally, and some of the brightest spots are in unexpected places like Colorado and Montana. If we really push saving Social Security and fiscal responsibility, we should be able to pick up more ground in 2006. We control 19 state legislatures to the Republican's 20 (we picked up 2 in 2004 and they lost 1).

Over the next two years 38 states will elect new governors. The enemy holds 28 governerships to our 22 - plenty of room for improvement. The Terminator has to run in 2006 and his popularity is falling quickly. Here in Mass, the Republican Governor Romney is very unpopular. I doubt very seriously that he will win reelection. Here's a good article
on upcoming races.

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