Wednesday, March 02, 2005

ACLU is Suing Rumsfeld over Abu Ghraib; Leni Riefenstahl; Independence Day and the Bush Presidency.

Dig the Flash movie. About frigging time. I give monthly to these folks; so should all of you. Even $10 makes a difference. Orgs like the ACLU are pretty much the only thing we have standing between us and a society like the one I just saw depicted last night in Triumph of the Will. Y'all ought to see that flick; Riefenstahl was both a genius with the camera (such motion in 1934!), and also completely morally bankrupt (said motion obviously conceived and deployed to show the forward progress of the Nazi regime and sell it to the Germans, and to the world).

Yeah, Leni, you had no idea what these folks were about, I'm sure. Just a pure, innocent little artiste. Amazing. "Sir" Mick Jagger should be so proud of inviting you to tea.

However, her massive talent--totally separable from the uses to which she put that talent--is undeniable. As for choices, well, Fritz Lang was no slouch with the camera either. But he left his wife (Thea von Harbou, writer of Lang's Metropolis, who was only too happy to make propaganda films for Hitler, too) and country to come to the US after those criminals took over Germany. Guess Leni had a choice, huh? So do we all.

Anyone else see either a tacit admission of guilt and/or a convenient cover for herself in her equally brilliant photos of African tribes?

In any event, everyone should see this film. And also, go and rent Independence Day--you'll be amazed at the "coincidences" between the themes and plot of that film and recent history. Make it a full movie night: Triumph of the Will (one scene of which you'll all recognize, as it was, inexplicably, reproduced in the final scene of, yes, you guessed it, Star Wars) and Independence Day.

Ach, du Lieber!

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