Monday, November 08, 2004

The DNC asked, I answered

The DNC is asking for your input. Here's my answer as to what they can do differently (yeah, I know the first three should probably be put into one, but I got carried away)

#1. Work on registering voters. It's unacceptable that only about half of all US citizens are registered. (Online registration would help)

#2. Make a central repository for all registration data, so that everyone is registered exactly once, and that local registrars can easily determine if and where someone was previously registered.

#3. Registration should be made the same across the whole country. It's ridiculous that there should be such great differences from state to state. This, of course, relates to #2.

#4. Make sure that every vote is counted properly. As a computer professional, I am simply appalled at the technology being (mis-) used to count our votes. Paper ballots (or, at the very least, paper receipts) are simply the only option, with recounts being triggered by a) very close elections b) results deviating from previous results c) random selection

#5. Formulate a clear vision of what you stand for, that you are the party who makes sure that all those otherwise forgotten are helped. The party that will see to it that we are all considered equal and are treated as such. A party of one America, not two. You must clearly articulate your differences to you opponent, and your stand on the various issues will reinforce this stand, instead of your stand being simply the sum of your opinions on the various issues.

#6. Don't be afraid to go negative. Your opponents have no compunction whatsoever with impugning the patriotism of a senator who lost three limbs in Vietnam or comparing another senator with Osama bin Laden. Fight fire with fire. It, sadly, works.

#7. Don't be afraid to appear obstructionist. I understand the value of picking your fights. Pick them and stick with them. Don't allow judges on the supreme court who will overturn Roe v Wade. Don't allow laws to be passed that will raise the taxes on our children. Don't allow the environment to be further raped. The majority of the country is behind you on these issues, you will be vilified in the rightwing media, but you will be rewarded at the ballot box.

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