Wednesday, October 06, 2004

VP Debate

Hey Folks,

I only got to see a bit of the Debate and it looked to me like Edwards was mopping the floor with the Gimp. However, a quick check of the morning's newspapers shows that my impression was mistaken, it seems the consensus was that Chaney won! What a bunch of ass licking puss-buckets the press have become.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I saw the whole thing...close to a draw; possibly a Cheney victory.

Sorry to say it, and you know how I feel about the candidates.

Edwards got rattled and looked silly a couple of times. Cheney looked and sounded mean, but actually did pretty well.

Had Edwards kept pounding as he did early on, he would have won.
Doug | 10.06.04 - 9:42 am | #


I agree with Doug that Cheney won on his overwhelming projection of "substance". Although in the post-debate atmosphere, KE has lots of ammo--including the outright lies coming out of Cheney's face: "I never met you before tonight", "I never tried to link Saddam and 9/11", etc. etc.
Paul | 10.06.04 - 12:28 pm | #


Agreed. But will that percolate down to the voters?

This is why Cheney is evil. He knows exactly what he's doing. Why didn't Edwards pounce on that as the lie it reportedly was? Right then and there.

I don't think Edwards was prepared for the sheer vile lying and meanness of this asshole. And that's bad.
Doug | 10.06.04 - 12:31 pm | #


NYTimes, WPost, LATimes all called it for Edwards.

I think that Edwards won on style, Cheney on lies.

(I once was in a class where we were supposed to debate. We couldn't agree on a topic, so the teacher told us just to make shit up. This was fun - every time the other side said something, you simply made up some research proving the opposite. This was Cheney's tactic)

It seems Cheney's losing the post-debate spin. Edwards won simply by showing up and going toe-to-toe to the man who is president.
mecki | Email | 10.06.04 - 12:33 pm | #


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